Welcome to Rock*Ola Coffer BarWelcome to  Rock*Ola.

We base our theme on the coffee bars of the 50s & 60s. The walls are full of memorabilia from that era. The jukebox is crammed with records also from the time, which is free to play.

If you wish to browse through music or books from all eras, you can do so by visiting our record shop, The Wax Factor, which you can access from Rock*Ola. Well worth a visit. Don’t forget your food though!!!

Our meals / burgers / cakes are all made in house. We pride ourselves on serving excellent food at a fair price.

We use naturally reared & locally sourced meat from farms who put animal welfare first.
Our eggs are free range & from local Happy Hens.

Rock*Ola is available for private functions. Please phone for details.

Opening hours are: Mon-Fri 10.30-4.30. Sat: 9.30-4.30 Sun: 10.30-4.30  

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